About Daniel Kornev, CEO & Founder

I’m CEO & Founder at Neocyte Labs. Watch this small (30 sec) video to be introduced to myself:

Since 2007 I conduct research & manage incubation projects in the areas of context-aware computing & human computer interaction.

A native of Moscow, received a master of science degree in computer science from Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Math in Moscow, Russia. I’m currently on leave from the Ph.D. program in human computer interaction at National Research University – Higher School of Economics. In 2007 I joined Microsoft Russia where  worked in various roles including developer evangelism, program management and program management leadership roles. In 2010 I joined Google Russia and until Fall of 2011 worked there in the role of technical program manager II.

My research interests include human computer interaction, context-aware computing, information extraction. Since 2007 I run several projects in area of context-aware computing: augmented reality demo, notifications manager, canvas-based experience for context switching. In summer of 2010 I worked at Microsoft Research as HCI researcher intern; my assignment was a project in area of group awareness visualization.

In October 2010 I established a new R&D company, Neocyte Labs, in order to continue my research work in area of context-aware computing and human computer interaction. Current product the company is working on is named Zet Universe. Zet Universe is the infinite desktop environment that enables people struggling with information overload and interruptions (say PMs, Marketing Managers etc.)  to organize their information like documents, websites, people etc. around their projects and interests.

I’m a featured speaker at several Russian business and technology forums, including World Usability Day, User Experience, Software People conferences.

I live  in Moscow, Russia.

Email daniel-public at neocytelabs dot com

Blog: http://blog.neocytelabs.com/


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