Dear friends,

Sorry for disappearing for a such long time. Quick updates:

December 2008 – March 2009 – Together with Alexander Popov (MSTLab) and Vladimir Borisov created a prototype of augmented reality-based campus navigation tool

May 2009 – Met with Mary Czerwinski in person to discuss opportunitites for collaboration

September 2009 – Presented my project of digital work environment, “Project Universe”, on Microsoft’s internal event, “Innovation Think Tank III – Demo Fest”, got a lot of positive feedback from several Windows, OCS UX folks as well as from Incubation Community experts (these guys are high-level managemers & individual contributors who focus on incubating new efforts at Microsoft)

March 2010 – Together with Mary Czerwinski & Lisa Woods from MSR Program Management Team organized Context-aware Computing Workshop at Microsoft

June 2010 – Started working as HCI Researcher Intern at VIBE group, MSR Redmond. My research advisor & mentor is Mary Czerwinski, Research Area Manager of VIBE group.

Updates on my experiences are written in Russian in this blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/msrinternship_ru/ (see posts by me)

Thanks a lot for attention and support!


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