Power of Context in TV of the Future

While discussing different opportunities for context-aware computing, it’s exciting to realize how many different scenarios it is able to open for us. Today while on the go between campus buildings, I’ve watched one of NASA JetPropulsion podcasts, the one about the NASA Athlete, moon rover. In the podcast, Athlete was dancing. Also the podcast itself was funny, I’ve spent about half of an hour to find the music that was acommanying the robot’s dance. No luck. Also it opens us an idea of music search when you can give computer several accordes and device will find the rest including artist’s, album’s and song’s name, it actuall shows us one quite important area of today’s world that could hugely benefit of using context. Video. TV.

Notion, Industrial Design office, known for its future concepts, described quite nicely the promise of future TV, with an explanation of benefits of context in TV of the future:


A simple idea – if I see something and want to learn more about it, why can’t I just touch that content and get search results with full information about that object?


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