Blog Updates

Dear readers,

Last weekend I’ve announced opening of my small lab focused on context-aware computing, Neocyte Labs.

Neocyte Labs is a non-profit organization dedicated to conducting applied research in computer science. It is focused on combination of context-aware computing and human-computer interaction research areas. Current & past projects include work on personal information management systems, object-relational storage, operating system graphic user environments, etc. Currently, the main goal of the organization is advancement of state of the art in area of context-aware computing philosophy, support of development of so-called “Project Universe” which is a context-aware graphical user environment, based on non-desktop metaphor ideas.

This blog now becomes part of the lab and is now also accessible via, which leads to changes in the site navigation for this blog – now it includes header from Neocyte Labs web site which is located at

If you want to contact me regarding research in area of context-aware computing, feel free to email me atcontactus[at]neocytelabs[dot]com

Thanks and hello from Moscow, Russia



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