Introducing Zet Universe!


We are glad to introduce you to an updated project, called Zet Universe, with roots coming from Context-aware Computing Shell UX, and Web Universe (a concept of modern context-aware web browser).

Project Overview


Zet Universe is the ubiquitous digital work environment with a game-changing natural user interface that learns and expands on users interest graph over the time.


Zet Universe addresses the needs of generation Z mindsets to have a simple yet powerful digital work environment with natural user experience across multiple devices.
Tools to tackle information are currently split between various products and platforms, leading to overload, context loss, permanent thought and action flow disruption, productivity decrease and extremely poor experience.


Like original Context-aware Computing Shell UX, Universe is a system that is designed to enable user to:

  • Concentrate on important projects
  • Switch between projects without loosing context
  • Return to previous projects after long time
  • See whole picture of the project and easily jump to its detailsin order to:
  • Reintroduce people’s information processes around their interests

Universe is the Interest Graph

  • Universe will reintroduce people’s information processes around their interests – from inception to learning, updates and sharing.
  • Universe is interest graph that uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to extract interests from personal information.
  • Universe stores and makes user information of any kind (files, notes, people, places, documents, etc.) available across one’s devices via cloud service.
  • Universe gives relevant recommendations within current user activity over the time.


Check them out at the product’s official page: Zet Universe

Learn more

  1. Zet Universe by Neocyte Labs
  2. Zet Universe – a new, living metaphor of interaction with information in the post-PC world.

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