Our UX Work in Progress

As we are working hard towards project’s vision, we are also hardly prototyping the new user interface of the Universe, and have some great news to share:

  1. We moved to a new zoomable multi-touch framework, the so-called “Universe UX Framework”, developed in-house. Look at how smooth it is, and how great is responsiveness of UI!
  2. You can add several items to Universe and they’ll build up a mountain of Data that you can easily transform into a wide area with content arranged as you wish
  3. You can move several items simultaneously using several fingers
  4. You can use pinch-n-zoom and rotate individual items; and it is up to your screen for how many such operations could be done at the same time – sky is the limit

Our new Zoomable Multi-Touch Framework is using render transforms to apply changes to visualization which makes overall user experience smooth and quite interactive. Our framework uses WPF4 and Windows 7 as a foundation, but this is just a prototype, for now.

We use concept of Data Mountain to add several items to the surface; Data Mountain idea was first introduced by my ex-manager @ MSR Mary Czerwinski and George Robertson more than a decade ago.

Here is a short video showcasing our new achievements in UI space:

Our UX Work in Progress

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