What’s happening behind the Project Universe?

Well, a few things.

First, we move slower. Less builds. Second, we focus.

Focus on the v1 release goals.


Project Universe is built as a tool for your mind. You are the manager of your projects, and Universe is a tool that helps you to effectively switch between projects as you switch between books that are on your table. Universe enables you to capture all the information around your projects and process it into knowledge, track projects state, get semantic suggestions for the projects you work on, and helps you to see the whole picture as well as dig into details.


Project Universe is about bringing a Natural User Interface paradigme that was designed in Microsoft Office Labs three years ago, in 2009, that grew into the Metro Design Language and the Context-aware Computing Shell UX project.

Project Universe is an app that will work on 3 screens: a traditional PC (with mouse+keyboard), a tablet PC (touch & pen), and a large multimedia screen (Microsoft Surface and Surface-like devices).

See a preview of what’s coming below.

Project Universe for Website

Project Universe – Metro UX


Project Universe captures all the information changes you bring into your data. Everytime you move objects on the screen, that’s captured. Everytime you make a change to your files it captures that. Project Universe becomes a Digital Memory for you. And by capturing your history and applying analysis to your data Project Universe enables you to have a high-level overview of all of your activities which value is hard to underestimate. By making semantic indexes across your data Project Universe enables you to get meaningful semantically relevant recommendations on existing contents you have to get faster on a new project.


Stay tuned at blog.neocytelabs.com


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