Zet Universe is a New Non-Desktop “Metaphor” for the Post-PC World

From late 1960s the dream about a natural interaction with computer was transformed into the meme of the “Desktop” metaphor invented in PARC, widespread across all operating systems. Its conceptual architecture became a “de-facto” standard in the IT industry. The state of HCI in this area was put almost into the stasis for almost 30 years. A recent introduction of devices with touch screens and intelligent voice assistants like iPhone, Microsoft Surface and Siri, gave a new energy to this area of HCI. Beauty and art of intuitive direct interaction with content in comparison to an abstract mouse-based paradigm captured the so-called Y and Z generations and transformed the computing into a new and bright world of natural, personalized user experiences.

Zet Universe explicitly breaks the conventions of the traditional PARC “Desktop” metaphor and introduces a set of experiences that are build on top of the new visual, direct touch and gestural interaction model, on the world of everyday things and on the knowledge of how people organize the world in their minds, leaving behind the old concepts of myriads of overlapped windows, folders and shells.

Zet Universe is inspired from the touch language of iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Surface, from the motion input sensors of Microsoft Kinect, from the beautiful concepts of Semantic Web, to the theory of spatial and temporal information organization. Zet Universe creates a transparent, ubiquitous environment within which user is left with content and actions she can apply to it, removing the complexity of the underlying technologies.

Zet Universe builds the HCI experience around personal and shared interests, designed to deliver a new, living metaphor of interaction with information in the XXI century.


4 thoughts on “Zet Universe is a New Non-Desktop “Metaphor” for the Post-PC World

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