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Samsung Slate 7 Series is a first slate that truly deserves the right to be a base context-aware device with the range of sensors, including light sensor, accelerometer, GPS & compass (accelerometer and GPS are accessible via Windows Sensor and Location Platform), with ubiquitous internet connectivity including WiFi and 3G, normal desktop-like Intel Core i5 CPU (Sandy Bridge), 8 touches multitouch screen and active digitizer. This device is capable to run full Zet Universe product (once it ships). More details on available configurations are available in the original blog post.

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imageI keep hearing people refer to the the Samsung Series 7 Tablet PC as being the same hardware as the device that was handed out at our developer event “BUILD”.

This is not true.  The Series 7 Slates are technically different devices in comparison to the devices handed out at BUILD.  Here’s a chart that goes over what the different technical specifications between each:

(Taken from


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