Daniel Kornev @ Microsoft Corporate Campus in Redmond, WA - November 2008

Hello! My name is Daniel Kornev, I’m PhD student, Context-aware Computing Researcher @ Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. I’m pretty enthusiastic about such hot topic like Context-aware Computing and I feel it as quite promising technology research direction for the next 20-100 years. My experience counts for about three years since May 2007. I wrote a Think Week paper @ Microsoft on Context-aware Computing back in August 2007 and work on this research area since that time.

My primary research interests are within application of context-aware computing principles for improvement of human-computer interaction; information visualization; adaptive systems; object-relational storage.

In this blog I will cover different aspects of catching user’s context, dealing with it and making user’s work more productive. Productive? Yeah, because I believe that with a set of information that we get from different sources today, there is a need to categorize it and manage the reception of it by our – users -own rules.

I’ve done personally and manged several research projects within context-aware computing and HCI areas, including the Augmented Reality-based campus navigation tool for Moscow State University with my colleagues Alexander Popov and Vladimir Borisov from MSTLab that is located in CS Dept., MSU, Moscow, Russia. Other projects – zoomable canvas-based user interface for non-desktop metaphor of managing users task & activities; context-aware engine with plugin model to include more context sources – used Base4.Net as context DB; few more prototypes of context-aware platform to fulfill the need in context-aware applications.

Professional member of  ACM, ACM SIGCHI, ACM SIGMOB, russian special interest group on Computer-Human Interaction – RusCHI.

To contact me you can use either “Email” form of this blog or email me to one of the following email addresses:

danielko[at NO spam] microsoft [dot] com (business)

danielko[at NO spam] acm [dot] org (research)



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